Hello. I’m Dai Inami, a game and graphic designer based in Tokyo, Japan. I love good design, funky music, coffee, Apple’s product, Kubric’s movie and Picasso’s art. Creative and attentive Graphic Designer with experience in game and design. Skilled in working. Deep knowledge of Adobe CS series (Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, After Effects) and other applications.

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Worked at:

CyberAgent Inc.

Graphic designer / UI designer

iOS application design.

CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.

Art director / Graphic designer / Game designer

Video game, iOS application and advertising design. [Mai Kuraki Movie puzzle], [JUJU Application], [IWAGO’s photobook]

Nex Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Graphic designer

Video game design. [Mobile Suit Gundam], [Dragonball RPG]

Q Entertainment Inc.

Web director / Graphic designer

Video game and advertising design. [Lumines II], [meteos], [Angel Love ONLINE]

Vivarium Inc.


Video game and advertising design. [The Tower SP], [Aquaphone], [Odama], [SEAMAN Mobile], [SEAMAN 2], [Airport]