Hi,Cheese!!! - Cooky

Cute. But, Hard !!!

The puzzle game for iPhone ‘Hi,Cheese!!!’ on sale now. It is a content that everyone can enjoy by an easy operation. Please download you of the user of iPhone or iPod touch by all means.
Genre: Puzzle | Release: 2009/9/21 | Price: $2.99 | Version: 1.0.1 | Language: English / Japanese | Size: 35.6MB Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

5 charms of ‘Hi,Cheese!!!’.

1: “1 Finger OK” Super-easy operation !!! An intuitive operation and a lovely character are the puzzle actions of the charm. Everyone can play readily by a simple rule. It plays by the volume of 50 all room, it is borne, and enough.
2: Cute. But, Hard !!! The quality of the puzzle is first-class goods though externals are lovely. The difficulty is a top class in the puzzle game for a lot of iPhone. Let’s compete for the friend wisely
3: Added 3 mini games !!! Three kinds of mini games besides the main game are attached. “Nervous breakdown”, “Rock-paper-scissors”, and “Roulette” are content that playing and being borne are preeminent.
4: Music is groovy !!! The genius composer ‘Ayumi Nishina’ composed the good music for this game. All tunes are very fit on the world of the game. Funk, Bossa-nova, Jazz, etc… Total is 9. You can’t stop.
5: Heart-warming story !!! Cute mouse “Cooky” trips bravely in “Rat Land”. Can cookie Herr safely help out beloved lover ‘Gummy’ ? A heart-warming story progresses at the ending.



The heating floor panel for which the ditch is carved is spread over the room that consists of 30 all masses of five mass in side six mass in length, and a lovely rat is walking on that. The panel is operated well. I will lead the rat to the goal.


Produced by dddartwax.
Developed by Bottlecube inc.
Art & Graphic Design by Dai Inami.
Music by Ayumi Nishina.

The mobile-phone company in Japan ‘SoftBank’ officially recommended ‘Hi,Cheese!!!’.

A lot of media introduced ‘Hi,Cheese!!!’.

つい真剣になってしまうので、時間と瞬きを忘れます。 本当にやり応えがあって楽しいです。 全ステージをクリアしても、目標タイムに挑んだり、ミニゲームで遊んだりして、 長くタップリと遊べるアプリです。ケツダンポトフ そらのさん
iPhoneアプリのゲームでは、私が今までで一番ハマったアプリです☆ 女性iPhoneユーザーにはもってこいのアプリでーす!! すっごく頭を使うのでめちゃくちゃハマっちゃいます♡iPhone女史
ゲーム内で流れる音楽のクオリティの高さに驚かされました! とてもリズミカルでゲームのイメージに合った音楽で、 ウキウキしながらプレイすることができました。iStation
久々に頭蓋骨の裏側がかゆくなるような体験をしました。 パズル、音楽、グラフィックがとても綺麗にまとまっているゲームです。Puzzle-App
なかなか頭を使うのですが、パネルをカチカチっと動かすのが気持ちよく、 陽気なBGMも相まって非常に楽しくプレイできます。 全50ステージにミニゲームも付いてボリューム満点。 パズル好きは是非!meet i
仁科亜弓さんの手がけたBGMも秀逸です!混沌のiPhone Blog
‘Hi,Cheese!!!’ is a fantastic and innovative game that entertains as well as it plays. With a fun yet lightweight story, the solid gameplay is rewarding without trying too hard. Touch Arcade
Very fun, Very good game. The graphics are excelent. The sound it’s relly good. The controls intuitive. The interface wonderfull. AppFiesta

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